Bella Vernon


'Ebb & Flow' is a vibrant 2 colour screen print. The iconic architectural skeleton of the gasometer sits in contrast with the silhouette of a tree.
'Ebb & Flow' - Limited Edition Screen Print
As a title ‘Ivy & Ray’ implies a union or marriage built over many years, but rather than two people the relationship is aesthetic, combining the beautiful black silhouetted outline of Ivy (similar to that seen in the mirror piece ‘Saudade’) accompanied by the energetic gold burst of Ray.
'Ivy & Ray' - Limited Edition Screen Print
Canopy of Light uses a deft touch, with light handwork that literally conveys the title. A dead tree sits right of centre as this large circular mirror allocates the space and light needed for boundless imaginings. With this work, less is definitely more and would be a perfect companion to any space.
'Canopy of Light'
Saudade depicts an old wisened tree enveloped by years of ivy growth, a shroud of lacework softening its remains. The tree stands centrally within the frame reaching out its gnarled branches, cutting a lonely figure… by contrast the landscape around it drops away. As the light hits the rich candle smoke what appears to be black silhouette reveals a deep warm brown, akin to turtle shell, with soft tonal changes. The sky is replaced by mirror clear and open, reflecting its ever-changing surroundings, giving rise to infinite possibilities.
As a title Vernon Semper Viret encourages one to think of a coat of arms, the shield shaped mirror plays to this.  Not held to the confines of such a thing the mirror depicts the shrub land of the Siberian wilderness on the cusp of spring, boundless, brave and full of adventure.
'Vernon Semper Viret'
'Verde Luna' feels primordial, a large moon begins its ascent and the earth is still. The surface reflects all life, projecting in silhouette the verdant wild flowers and grasses of Walthamstow marshes.
'Verde Luna' - Limited Edition Screen Print
This mirror takes on elements of a Japanese woodprint, with wind tussled branches astride a mountain or mound.  At first it appears to present a double exposure, with the two objects clashing; instead the heavily antiqued mirror has been worked into and accentuates its decay, providing beautiful relief.
'As The Wind Blows'
'Echo' could well be the visual capturing of a forest's echo imbedded on the smallest of mirrors never to found unless by chance. Perfectly small this hand mirror is a treasure trove of ideas.
And She Was (Monochrome) is inspired by the Talking Heads song lyrics of the same title. The song has in effect imbedded itself onto the work as has the imagery to this mirror ‘And she was lying in the grass and she can hear the highway breathing’. By virtue of scale and the mirrors composition these once delicate wild grasses impose themselves upon you, as the beautiful tonal changes that comprise the mark-making, cuts back at the silhouette.
'And She Was (Monochrome)'
This irregular oval mirror displays a garden's reflections on the water of the River Stort. It has a good reflective surface and a new chain fixing for easy hanging.
A glorious summer full moon fills the night sky with bright silver luminescence, forcing all terrestrial objects into silhouette, comfrey and fine grasses dance in its light.
This elegant oval mirror is delicately embellished with candle smoke and silver leaf to reveal a tree-clustered island. It has a good reflective surface and a new chain fixing for easy hanging.

These mirrors are reclaimed objects and may display blemishes of time, in our option this only adds to their sense of history and beauty…

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